The teachings of the Sacred Andean Tradition have been presented in South Africa in the form of workshops and initiations for the past twenty years. The basic principles are so simple and at the same time, so profound, that it is easy to resonate with them, easy to connect to the teachings and practices, it is really easy to embrace the experience of a Sacred Andean Tradition workshop!

We would complete a workshop and even a Paqo and Pampa Misayoq initiation filled with joy and wonder, vibrating high with Mother Nature, Pachamama. Thinking about the new awareness gained on the four elements, their energies, attributes, meaning, balancing practices and power.

Hiking during the P'aqo course in the Eastern Cape forrests
Hiking during the P’aqo course in the Eastern Cape forrests

The teachings of the Sacred Andean Tradition are all about us, each human being, nature within, the elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire in ourselves, the balance of the four directions, the four elements within ourselves. We learn to appreciate the existence of the three worlds: Uhku Pacha, Kay Pacha and Hanaq Pacha. We learn about Andean concepts such as Ayni (reciprocity), Munay (unconditional love), Yachay (knowledge that as we integrate, becomes wisdom) and Llankay (service, compassionate action).

During the Sacred Andean Tradition workshops, we also experience the creation of a sacred space in which time seems to bend and stretch in funny ways. Each teaching, each element, brings interesting resonance to our thoughts, emotions and actions. We are eased into stepping out of our conditioned minds, and remember, see and feel ourselves as when we were little children; we are faced with our pure, real selves! We experience such process in a safe space. We are guided to trust ourselves, trust our inner wisdom, trust our intuition.

In normal times, after a Sacred Andean Tradition workshop and initiations, we go back to our lives, families, work, obligations, social groups, etc. And day by day, the teachings we received start to fade in our memories, our Mesa ends up in a cupboard, and we revert to the old self.

But these are not normal times anymore. As we join the world in a period of containment, lock down and social distancing, we have the opportunity to slow down and go within. Remember Kamaq Wageaq telling us “First I, second, also I, and third, definitely I”. Try and recall what resonated with you the most about the Element Earth, this basic element, dense, stable, wise… Was it the fact that you are a Capricorn, Virgo or Taurus? Remember your first earth practice whispering into Pachamama’s ear and then listening to all she had to say…

Or perhaps you were born under a water sign, and you are a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, and you felt in every cell of your body the teachings about this element, how it exists in three different states and us humans are moved by our waters and express such range of emotions!  Remember your first water practice, allowing the flowing water to wash away your worries and fears. During this time of lock down, use this practice every time you go into fear or anxiety.

Maybe you remember the most, your experiences with the element Air as I do. This element that permeates every single cell in the body, and is essential to our conscious state. How Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all about communication, thoughts and ideas. Remember that we can live without food for 40 days, we can survive 7 days without water, but without air we will die in just 3 minutes!

If you are Aries, Leo or Sagittarius you would have resonated with the element Fire for sure. Fire is the most important element of life. In the absence of fire, our chance of survival is simply nil. We have a temperature which is our physical fire and we also have a mystical fire. How we temper our fire is a lifelong journey of self-discovery. Fire is behind every decision we make and every action we take.

The Sacred Andean Tradition teaches us that Earth and Water are feminine energy elements and Air and Fire are masculine energy. The balance of our four elements in the masculine and feminine aspects is achieved by understanding ourselves, loving ourselves, forgiving ourselves, accepting ourselves, nurturing ourselves and harmonizing ourselves with Pachamama and Pachatata.

As conscious children of Pachamama we are more than halfway there! What a blessing to have received the energy transmission (Karpay) and have such seed in our energy field. How beautiful it is to have our Mesas.

During this time of social distancing, we can spend quality time with the most important being in our lives: ourselves! “First I, second, also I, and third, definitely I”. We have the support and love of Pachamama, we have the powerful light and wisdom of TaytaInti and MamaKilla.

Each morning we can look out the window or stand at the door and have our own Inti Raymi! Start the day receiving the first ray of Sun. Connect to the powerful experience of each and every Inti Raymi ceremony you have had. Connect to all living beings on this planet. Remember the planet Earth is a living being, the Sun is a living being, the Moon is a living being. This social distancing experience is happening for a reason, well, for many reasons… and is teaching us at several levels. When we are balanced, we are capable of sound reasoning, we are coherent. When we are coherent, we support life. When life is in order, there is health and creation.

A healthy being can embrace life at its fullest. To embrace life, we need to be balanced and live in harmony with Nature. The Sacred Andean Tradition has guarded these teachings over millennia precisely for these times.

This is the beginning of the new cycle. This is the great shift we all expected. Welcome to the time of rebirth!

Andean hugs to all (heart on heart embrace)

Silvia Ñusta Willka

Silvia Ñusta Willka