The Sacred Andean Tradition shows us a way of being and living that brings us back into harmony with life, nature, the world, through consciously connecting to the four elements. Within this state of harmony exists the natural flow of abundance and a deeper appreciation of life.

Sacred Andean Tradition retreat in the Garden Route
Sacred Andean Hike in the Garden Route

The next South African workshops will be presented by Kamaq Wageaq, a Peruvian Kuraq Akulleq of the Sacred Andean Tradition. These experiential workshops offer an understanding of the profound nature of life and an invaluable tool to navigate the tumultuous times of Earth changes we are living through.

Intensive training is offered over four days on how to carry out these practices, and participants will receive the first energy transmission, or Karpay, from this ancient lineage. All of the above will be supported by the presenter and several facilitators at the main venue and at various natural sites.

Please enter your details if you would like to be on the invitation/information list for the four-day Paq’o retreat to be held near Johannesburg, South Africa between July and November 2023, exact dates still to be announced.

The two-day level 2 Pampa Mesayoq teachings will follow directly afterwards in Johannesburg and perhaps in the Garden Route. Students with previous related experience can request to do this level immediately after completing the level 1 Paq’o retreat, but this approval is at the discretion of the teacher. 

Level 3.1 Ayllu Alto Mesayoq takes place in Peru in August 2023.

The advanced level 3.2 Llaqta Alto Mesayoq and level 3.3 Suyo Alto Mesayoq workshops may also be available in July 2023 for those who are ready for these levels. Please indicate your interest below.

After the invasion of the Spanish conquerors, the Q´eros took refuge in the high mountains and remained isolated from the world for around five hundred years. As recently as 1955, anthropologists made the first visit to the Q´eros nation and announced the existence of the last heirs of the Incas. They still preserve the ancestral customs of thousands of years ago, they have a deep connection with nature and are guardians of mystical information that has been passed down through the generations. They wish to share this knowledge with the world now, as we are in a time of major planetary and energetic change

Transmuting dense energies via the element of fire at the conclusion on the Despacho ceremony.

The four elements, Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the basic structures of universal energy, are the starting point of the journey in this initial four-day retreat which includes receiving the Andean Paq’o level Karpay, or energy transmission. These, together with the concepts of balance, love, wisdom and service, are conveyed through simple teachings and practices based on the close observation of nature, as practiced by the Paq’o or traditional medicine person within the Q´eros communities of Peru. 

Welcoming the sun in the Inti Raymi ceremony, Magaliesberg Mountains, South Africa.
Welcoming the sun and charging the body in the Inti Raymi ceremony, Magaliesberg Mountains, South Africa.

This is the first stage of the path of this knowledge and wisdom that was hidden for centuries and has only been released into the West over the last thirty years. This will offer you clarity and understanding of the Andean healing processes, some of the topics to be presented are the Inca Cosmovision, practices of cleansing the energy body and your living spaces of heavy energies. How to use the elements to balance yourself, and the use of ceremonial rituals of transmutation and gratitude. Participants will learn the meaning and navigation of the three worlds: Hanaq PachaKay Pacha and Ukju Pacha, as well as the four elements and four directions, animals and spirits of each direction. 

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To find out more about the different levels of understanding of the Andean path please click here, information on the levels, and for a personal take on the workshop experiences you can go here, workshop experiences.

A selection of images from our Level 1 and Level 2 retreats held in various locations in South Africa over the last few years.

  • Using the mesa to cleanse heavy energies
  • Despacho Offering Fire at Hogsback, South Africa.
  • Hiking during the P'aqo course in the Eastern Cape forrests
  • Teaching Session by Kamaq Wageaq
  • Inti Raymi
  • Fire Despacho Ceremony
  • Learning the Despacho Ceremony in the Level 2 Pampa Mesayoq class

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Sacred Andean Tradition

Sacred Andean Tradition

The Sacred Andean Tradition offers us simple yet profound Ancient Incan teachings and practices that

A la mujer (warmi) y al hombre (jari-chacha) andinos, desde niño (wawa) se le enseña que la Tierra es la madre y no un recurso; por eso se le enseña a respetar, amar y agradecer, porque es Pachamama (Madre Naturaleza)"

En las comunidades que aún siguen practicando los valores milenarios, esta es una enseñanza vigente a nuestra madre tierra la tratamos con mucho amor y respeto. 🐸😍🥰🐸😍
Mistica Tierra Ancestral
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Los Abuelos y Abuelas nos dijeron que Todo lo que se presenta tiene una Medicina, cada cosa trae una Medicina, como regalo para los dolores del Corazón o para alumbrar los Caminos.

La Medicina es Enseñanza, es eso que nos queda cuando algo Extraordinario sucede y nos sacude lo Ordinario de encima.

La Medicina del Agua es la de la Humildad, es la del Soltar todo, y dejarse ir…

La Medicina del Aire es la del sonido del Silencio, que hace volar las hojas secas y nos despoja de las Ideas marchitas

La Medicina de la Madrecita Pachamama es la de la abundancia en los aromas de las Flores y el abrazo de las Piedras que Contienen, Protegen, Abrigan, para que recordemos que tenemos el potencial de una Semilla

La Medicina del Fuego y de nuestro Tayta Sol es la del Alumbramiento… la del Calor y Renacimiento.

La Medicina del Amor Bendito es la que nos sostiene a diario, con esa Fuerza Inconmensurable y ese Tezon Infinito que Alumbra, Alimenta, Da y Recibe

y Tu Medicina es esa Cuenta que trajiste, para Sumar y Adornar la gran Red del Tejido de la Vida .
Samy Killary
Mistica Tierra Ancestral
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