SAT Workshop 25-28 April 2024
SAT Workshop 25-28 April 2024

The last Incan people, Q’eros, belong to the largest group of Quechua-speaking population, named after their shared language. A legacy of the country’s long and rich history are communities like the Q’eros, believed to be descendants of the ancient Inca civilization. Located on the central west coast of South America, this great country encompasses a wide variety of biotopes and climates in mountainous, deserts and coastal regions. The Q’eros are known as the guardians of the wisdom of the Andes. They’re organic potato growers, alpaca shepherds, musicians and weavers who live in remote villages at 14,500 feet. Considering Peru’s last Incas, the Q’eros strive to preserve their indigenous ethnic identity. They are one of the most isolated Andean communities, which move with the seasons to live and work at various altitudes. Q’eros are known for the beauty of their traditional fabrics, which are coded with ancestral symbols and land-centred cultural knowledge. Q’eros people live a working life in balanced reciprocity with nature. They make offerings to Pachamama, Mother Earth and the Apus, mountain spirits, in exchange for their welfare and that of their animals and crops. The Ayni concepts of worldview, the importance of sharing reciprocally, the consciousness of a living essence in all things, configuring your interactions with them and their environment.

En Busca del último Ayllu de Los Incas Q’ero:

In search of the last Inca (Machu Picchu to hiding places of the Inca bloodline) is a documentary about the Q’eros, a community of Peruvian Indians believed to be the last survivors of the Inca bloodline. Researched and produced by Mo Fini, the founder of Tumi Music, who has worked and travelled in Latin America over the last thirty years. It provides a rare insight into the Andean people’s culture, mythology and spiritual values. The film follows the demanding journey to reach the remote and inaccessible community, examines the fabric of their rural mountain existence, music, and rituals and culminates in their annual pilgrimage to the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival.

Copyright © Mo Fini 1993 – 2011

The original was made on 16mm film in 1993.