Who are the Q’ero?

En Busca del último Ayllu de Los Incas Q’ero:

In search of the last Inca (Machu Picchu to hiding places of the Inca bloodline) is a documentary about the Q’eros, a community of Peruvian Indians, believed to be the last survivors of the Inca bloodline. Researched and produced by Mo Fini, the founder of Tumi Music, who has worked and travelled in Latin America over the last thirty years. It provides a rare insight into the culture, mythology and spiritual values of the Andean people. The film follows the demanding journey to reach the remote and inaccessible community, examines the fabric of their rural mountain existence, their music, rituals and culminates in their annual pilgrimage to the Qoyllur Rit’i Festival.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to friends, compadres and children of Pisaq, especially Florentino, Quispe and his family. Compadre Llamoca (sadly passed away in 2003) and my godchild Carlos Llamoca, his wife and children. To the Ampay community, especially Sebastian Quinto and his mother.

Juan Nuñez del Prado (Anthropologist), Victor Garraffa (Engineer), Leoncio Llamoca (Head Horseman), Brad Daui Berru (In charge of catering), Cesilio and Julio Suma (Horsemen), Raul Romero (Musician in Pisaq party)

Rumulo Ordonez Jimerez Edgar Villarro if Inti Raymi (For help in music)

Our gratitude to Q’ero Community for all their co-operation. A very special thanks to the spirit of Pachamama and the Apus for our safekeeping.

Copyright © Mo Fini 1993 – 2011 http://www.tumimusic.com/

Original film shot on 16mm in 1993