The Despacho Ceremony is taught in the Level 2 Pampa Mesayoq Retreat

The Despacho is an ancient Peruvian Incan celebratory ceremony, an act of love, and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits and sacred places. At the deepest level, it allows all participants to enter into the essential unity of all things.

This shamanic ceremony aligns participants with their personal intent, the group intent, and gratitude to the earth, which supports all our endeavours. The ceremony is intended to bring the energy of harmony and balance as healing to an area and its communities.

Learning the Despacho Ceremony in the Level 2 Pampa Mesayoq class
Learning the Despacho Ceremony in the Level 2 Pampa Mesayoq class

This simple but beautiful ritual contains symbols of everything; the sun, stars, the four directions, clouds, rainbows, mountains, lakes, rivers, and fruits of the earth such as flowers. Each member of the gathering will have an opportunity to place their intentions or requests into the Despacho offering. Like most sacred ceremonies, it is performed in silence. The steps of the ceremony and the key elements of the mandala will be explained so newcomers can understand what is taking place.

Sacred fire sending the offering of gratitude to end the Despacho Ceremony

This is a beautiful chance to share sacred space, clear and recharge your energy, and offer your heartfelt gratitude for the abundance you have in your life.