The path of the mesa carrier (paqo) is the path of munay, (compassion, unconditional love and respect for all living energies). This unique energy reflects your connection to the lineage of the Sacred Andean Tradition. The literal translation of the word mesa is table. The Spanish word for Catholic Mass is a derivative of this – misa. A less literal translation is altar. A mesa can be described as a ritual or medicine bundle containing khuyas (healing stones) and other objects of special significance to the initiate. Mesa Bundles

The common thread between all the different kinds of mesa is the reciprocal law of ayni expressed, as today for you, tomorrow for me. When you pick up a stone to place in your mesa, first ask permission from the stone to do so. Always remember when taking articles from nature, take them in ayni. This means leave something in exchange. A little tobacco, a hair from your head or a prayer etc. to express gratitude and thanks to Pachamama for the gift.

The mesa forms an integral part of all ceremony, ritual and cleansing. It is required to be physically present at all such occasions. The Initiate is always connected to their mesa energetically, even when it is not physically present with them. The mesa will naturally evolve and transform over time reflecting your spiritual journey and growth. This is a fundamental principle of energy – it is in constant motion, never static. Your mesa is an embodied symbol of your power, work consciously with it.

Do not open your mesa in front of others. The exception to this, is when are required to open it in the presence of a higher initiate of the Sacred Andean Tradition. Work consciously with it, interact with the elements in it. This shows respect to all of life including yourself. Keep adding to your power with new objects of importance to you. Capture the memory of the place or moment; the energy of these objects symbolises your own power and are a source of energy and power. By holding each object, blowing your intention to the universe and placing it in your mesa, you are adding your energy to the object’s in a synergistic blend. From time to time take mesa place on the earth as a release of energy and a renewal of energy, follow your intuition.