Welcome to the Sacred Andean tradition (SAT). The Andean Tradition is present in all towns and villages, in every cultural manifestation along the length and width of the South American Andes; however, in the cosmology of the Sacred Andean Tradition we find the summary of all cultural, philosophical and existential spirituality expressions of the Andes.

Level 1: Paq’o

The first level of initiation starts with basic but thorough teachings given by the Amawtas [teachers], about the elements found in nature, bringing clear understanding of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Followed by the principles of the real art of interpretation of the Elements.

Paq’os connecting with the Air Element

For a Western society, we organise the teachings as a four day workshop format, in a hall or classroom; however, these teachings take place over several days in the country when we are in the Andes.

Paq’o class hike in the Amatola Mountains, Eastern Cape, South Africa

We spend time in the open fields, in the valleys, in the high mountains, under the trees or next to a river, a cocha, a puquial, a lake or a stream, experiencing and internalising all the teachings as they are presented. Here in South Africa we bring the teachings in a format that is valid for Western culture disciples, and that is fine. The first level of understanding culminates in the initiation as a Paq’o; an apprentice of the Andean Priesthood. The Andean Paq’o dedicate themselves to the preservation and expression of the Andean philosophy in absolute harmony. When the Paq’o is in harmony, light shines bright in their heart and actions.

Despacho Ceremony at the Paq’o workshops in at Eagles Ridge Hotel in Stutterheim.

Paq’o is the first level of priesthood in the Sacred Andean Tradition. They become responsible for the principles of the SAT, they must be fully committed to follow and respect the SAT teachings, but mostly, they must honour their inner teacher; they must look after themselves. The Paq’o receives a Mesa that contains the basic elements. They must work with their mesa, and add elements to it. The Paq’o must also increase his/her knowledge.

Level 2: Pampa Mesayoq

Despacho is a thanks giving ceremony, an offering but also a ceremony of raising petitions to Illa Ticsi Wiracocha.

Learning and Practicing the Despacho Ceremony
Learning and Practicing the Despacho Ceremony

There are several types of offering ceremonies in the Andes such as Pagapuy, we learn to do Pagapuy to Earth, Pagapuy to Water (the Cocha [rivers], Mayu [streams]), Pagapuy to Air, in honour to Knowledge, there are Pagapuy’s to the local Apus, to the regional Apus and national Apus; these are various types of offerings with the sacred MamaCoca. So they learn to work in respect and honour through various despacho ceremonies  to Pachamama, Yacumama, Wayratata, NinaTata; always keeping in mind that it is the Sun who provides us with the life energy we require to survive. The Sun, Tayta Inti is in partnership with Mama Killa, the Moon. We experience the balance and sacred union of Heaven and Earth; the Sun and Earth, Tayta Inti and Pachamama.

Using the Mesa to cleanse Jucha [dense energy] during the Despacho ceremony

level 3.1: Ayllu Alto Mesayoq, can only be attended in Peru.

After a period of learning, the Andean priest becomes a candidate for the Third level of understanding: Ayllu Alto Mesayoq. This priest is in service of their community. Learns to be a bridge of energies, cultures, values, principles. Teaches by example, giving in Ayni and learning to receive in a balanced order of reciprocity. We learn to share. Always with the best interests of the community in mind. In integrity. In the past, a level of Ayllu Alto Mesayoq needed three years to integrate. Now we are doing it after one year. This level takes place in Cusco, Peru has two sub levels that are held in South Africa.

level 3.2: Llaqta Alto Mesayoq

This is the level of Llaqta Alto Mesayoq. This priest is responsible for a larger community, several ayllus, has better communication with the leaders of various ayllus; so planning and administrative structures are important for the common benefit of balanced existence. Harmony in the daily exchange of energies, produce, services, art, healing, technology; remembering that all human activity happens within the balance of the four elements.

Lesson on healing herbs. Llaqta Alto Mesayoq retreat at The Edge in Hogsback, South Africa.
Llaqta Alto Mesayoq retreat at The Edge in Hogsback, South Africa.

Llaqta Alto Mesayoq receives a better understanding of the cycles of live and energies, the connection of life and death as a process. Understanding that everything has a beginning and an end, everything is temporary; nothing may be permanent, even life may be short or very long, and death may connect the person’s existence to several energy manifestations. In fact life and death may be understood as a point of view of energy being extinguished or manifested. This energy unit is the runa, the human being.

Level 3.3: Suyo Alto Mesayoq

The next level of initiation is Suyo Alto Mesayoq. This priest has gone beyond planet Earth; has an existential connection to the stars, the cosmos, the Southern Cross. Suyo Alto Mesayoqs journey into the understanding of our relationship with the Universe, the heavens, the stars, through the principles of the Sacred Andean Tradition. We then understand what are we doing on this Earth, what is our value as star beings, universal beings, again just runas. We are all runas. Allpapaq, the Universe calls us all. All runas [people] are the collective Canapaq: Humanity.

Level 4: Kuraq Akulleq, can only be attended in Peru.

After the Suyo Alto Mesayoq level comes the level of interrelations, the Kuraq Akulleq is a master of knowledge, overseeing the appropriate connection of the Sacred Andean Tradition with all cultures of the world, they are the Amawtas [Master Teachers]. Acting as bridges to bring other cultures into the consciousness of the Sacred Andean Tradition. Integration through understanding; facilitating the awakening to a higher consciousness of understanding.

The Kuraq Akulleq teaches by example, observing nature and a balanced grasp of our existence . The life of the runas [people] on our Pachamama [Earth]. The Kuraq Akulleq understands all the knowledge from the four directions of the world, all languages, all places; the Kuraq Akulleq should be a communicator and integrator of all cultures of the planet.

The Sacred Andean Tradition teaches about three other levels of sacred beings after the Kuraq Akulleq level. These levels are not present currently on Pachamamita but will come back in the future when the evolution of humanity results in the expansion of consciousness.

Mallku Inca, the fifth level:

The fifth level then is the Mallku Inca. This being has the power to bring harmony and balance to everything that exists; just holding their hand over disease or imbalances, the cells are instantly healed, the perfect balance may be physical, mental or emotional. Mallku Inca may bring direction to the minds and hearts of humanity towards evolution, based upon unconditional love.

Sapa Inca, the sixth level:

The sixth level is that of Sapa Inca, the beings at this level have such inner energy that are able to manifest it in the form of light, bright, luminous light. They shine day and night. This should be the last prospective level; however, only one being shall reach the level of Taytanchis Rantiy, which is equivalent to a human being holding the light of a divine being, God, a level of energy integrated in the Universe. Not much is known about Taytanchis Rantiy, only that this level will be integrated into the Universe.

Thank you!

by Kamaq Wageaq, 10th April 2018.

Kamaq Wageaq