SAT Workshop 25-28 April 2024
SAT Workshop 25-28 April 2024

We live in an era of globalisation, where cultural differences seem to fade and we have a ‘better understanding’ of each other, or so we think. Our societies are linked by trade, Information Technology and the world media, we are users of technology, and we enjoy the latest modern developments, and for these, we believe we are better off than our ancestors. But when we are in our inner silence, when we tune inside, we realise something is missing, something is lacking with our modern life formula. This is an inner warning, that prompts us to search for that something (usually outside us) and in most instances, we see the light in spiritual avenues.

Personally, as a ‘normal’ city being, I grew up enjoying all that culture and religion had to offer to my generation; however, I always felt a natural affinity with the elements, since I was young, I collected stones, I found rock formations fascinating, I loved losing myself looking deep into the horizon over the blue ocean, I used to take photographs of trees, and detailed close-ups of branches and leaves, I did not know why but feeling the wind on my face made me happy… Of course, my connection with nature was my secret, I couldn’t possibly share it with others because there were more important things in life to talk about, like the economic problems of the country, inflation rates out of control, social justice, and other serious matters…, precisely all those issues that society created to dominate over nature “in the name of human growth and development”. But in the process, our globalised human race is depleting the resources, destroying the land, polluting the waters, and destabilising the ecosystems, in other words, hurting the planet.

We have reached the point where our ‘advanced technology’ is going to obliterate the humanity that produced it in the first place! What are we leaving for the next generations? Should we just resign ourselves to destroying our world civilisation and hope for the rebirth of another human civilisation someday? Haven’t we learnt anything from past civilisations?

It is at this juncture where the ancient wisdom of the Sacred Andean Tradition (as well as all ancient indigenous traditions of the planet!) is bringing us, …arrogant, modern, global, human race, a wake-up call! The new generation of children comes with a deep understanding of care and respect for Earth (knowledge they definitely did not learn from us) … it is the message of Mother Earth (Pachamama for the Andean peoples), a very clear message. We must reconnect with Nature, we must remember the sacredness of our relationship with creation, as part of divine creation, part of Nature.

Come to the understanding that it was society and its powers that forced the separation of human beings from Nature, with principles based on selfishness and greed, which created concepts like ‘private property’ and borders!! And in the process nature was outlawed; how could nature dare to connect all plant, animal and mineral kingdoms on one planet?

The existence of a collective plant consciousness was denied; the existence of a divine vital force powering a harmonic life cycle for all animal life on the planet was ignored; and the truth of minerals on Earth, that despite not being able to breathe like plants and animals, they are alive and are able to record energy, was hidden.

And we, human beings also forgot that we are Nature, that we were created by the breath of God, we received the vital force of life, with a divine conscience and the knowledge that we have a place and a reason for being alive. We forgot that without the oxygen in the air (produced by the trees), without the warmth and light of the Sun, without the nutrients of food (produced by Earth) and without drinking water every day… we would not exist.

Despacho Offering Fire at Hogsback, South Africa.
Despacho Offering Fire

Our Andean ancestors had this truth in the forefront of their consciousness, they acknowledged our total interconnection with universal creation, they knew of the external universe – the macrocosm – and the internal universe – microcosm; they did not need telescopes and microscopes to see and understand these levels of existence because they were naturally connected to Creator’s Consciousness.

So now, thankfully, this ancient wisdom, which has been kept and nurtured for hundreds of years in the Andean communities, is becoming present again in our midst, and the message is being understood all over the planet (and in the same way as Nature, this ancient natural wisdom does not know of cultural differences, languages, philosophies, or borders). At present, there are Andean masters that were not born in the Andes, there are priests of the Sacred Andean Tradition in Africa, Europe, and North America, doing the work of reconnecting the sacred energies of the world to help Pachamama restore her natural balance.

As we remember this ancient wisdom and we learn to integrate this knowledge in our consciousness, we will enable the creation of a balanced planet, the planet in harmony that Mother Earth deserves for her infinite love and patience with us!

The Sacred Andean Tradition teaches and helps us to remember how simple it is to live in balance and harmony. We learn to integrate creation (Nature) in all dimensional aspects and realities (that is what we call real and what we call virtual reality), always in spiral evolution, always in a dynamic way, always in reciprocity, always in unconditional love, always respecting all life, always in Unity.

By Ñusta Willka

Ñusta Willka, leader of the South African Sacred Andean Tradition.
Ñusta Willka, leader of the South African Sacred Andean Tradition.