Teaching SessionYachay – knowledge.  Knowledge is what drives intention.  You must learn, otherwise you are a master of what?  You need to learn and handle the four elements, to really understand and comprehend this knowledge.  That is why we listen to Pachamama, we tune into the rocks and trees; so that you can use your visualization and really experience that sensation.  So everybody knows you have experienced it.  Yachay entails knowledge put into practice.

Llankay – work. Honest labour, honest to yourself and to others.  Whatever you do, you must do it well.  When learning – do it well, teaching – do it well, healing – do it well, with honesty.  Make sure you are not stealing from the others, … because as we know, in the Andean cosmovision, if you are idle (if you are not working, if you are not doing your part) it is just as if you were stealing (from the work of others) – this is the notion of Ayni.

Munay – love. This aspect of love is not the romantic love, that kind of love is only an extension of MunayMunay is unconditional love.  It can be given and received with your partner.  It is that unconditional love which is the essence of Christ, or the Buddha.  This unconditional love exists in nature. 

There are two principles that govern everything that exists.

Kausay – Everything in the world is energy – everything that can be contained is energy.  Kausay– is energy.  My body is energy, through all our body systems – nervous system, lymphatic, endocrine, etc, that is all energy.  All this energy is translated into ayni.

Ayni – is the law of reciprocity, but it doesn’t mean that if I give something to you, you must give back to me.  If I give you to you, giving back is part of ayni,  it’s an expression or part of it, if you are always aware of being honest, truthful, diligent and loving, you will be honouring the principle of ayni.  Through ayni you can give love to everybody. As Alto Misayoq, we practice ayni in the community by helping paqos and pampas, by attending despachos, by bringing people to the workshop, that is ayni! Ayni is not only between alto’s. Remember that, as you sow so will you reap.  Sowing now but reaping only in a couple of months or years is also fine.  There are several forms of expressing ayni.  Reciprocity can come back in twenty years’ time, when you have a son or a daughter.  That is ayni, life itself.  We do ayni with our parents, with our families and friends, neighbours, co-workers, and also strangers.   Ayni is to do good and to give a helping hand.  The concept of ayni is multi directional and the effect of ayni is timeless.